Major Shareholders

Current Shares In Issue: 1,431,685,553
Shareholders holding 5% or more Number of shares %
Dr Christo Wiese1 160,388,407 11.20
NGPMR (Cayman) L.P. 138,469,735 9.67
Investec Pallinghurst (Cayman) L.P. 130,401,519 9.11
Ophorst Van Marwijk Kooy Vermogensbeheer N.V. 109,524,978 7.65
Oasis2 99,357,720 6.94

1. Dr Wiese holds indirect interests in 160,388,407 GML shares via various entities. In addition, a further 2,204,700 shares, or 0.15%, are held by members of Dr Wiese’s immediate family; including these shares would increase Dr Wiese’s total shareholding to 11.35%.

2. The Oasis shareholding includes interests held by Oasis Asset Management and Oasis Crescent Capital.

3 Shareholding %s are based on the current shares in issue of 1,431,685,553.

4 The total of shares issued includes 117,342,899 shares owned by the Company.